The First Step Towards Genius


Description: The population of India majorly comprises of youths. Therefore it is necessary not only to address problems faced by the youths but also provide them oppurtunities to grow.

Today the youth in India form one of the most vulnerable groups, who on the one hand are expected to be the leaders to determine the destiny of India, and on the other hand, are on exploited and confused group. Midbrain activation and super sensory development is  emphasized in this course. Those who are successfully activated will be able to perform the blindfold skills just like the children. Apart from the conscious mind, we have the subconscious mind which controls us by 90%. We MUST have healthy subconscious mind if we want to have healthy lifestyle. This course instructs the participants to do effective programming. This is a life-changing course every adult must attend.

Details: Two-day course + 2 follow up sessions within one month.

Age: Adults and children above 15 years old.

Benefit: 1. Change your subconscious, change your behavior. 
              2. Build positive character and change habits. 
              3. The answer to success. 
              4. Super sensory development

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