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Description of a Franchisee Business

LICENSING involves one party developing a successful business format, which is then licensed to another party to set up and run a identical venture in a particular area for a specific period of time. The party granting the license is the LICENSOR or FRANCHISOR and the party taking the license is called the LICENSEE or FRANCHISEE.

A substantial, exclusive reputation and goodwill exists in the name of GENIUS MIND ACADEMY. The Licensor (GMA) holds right to the intellectual property.

The Licensee is one who desires to obtain the benefit of knowledge, skill and experience of the Licensor upon the terms and conditions set out in our legal agreements

The Licensee or Franchisee is permitted to use the GMA trade name, image, systems, and procedures and operating manual for the duration of the License, ownership of which lies with the Licensor. GMA would be entitled to exercise complete control over their usage by the Franchisee.

Options for those looking to become a franchise owner for an Educational program are more diverse than ever. You don't have to be relegated to investing your money and time with a franchise you truly don't have a passion for. More people who have business skills and also appreciate the value of Academics and children are viewing children's Educational franchises not only as an investment in and of themselves, but also in the community and its children.

This interest in children's Educational franchises is growing from both a need and a want, from both prospective franchisees and parents looking to enrich their children's lives. Something all parties involved, recognize the importance of MID BRAIN ACTIVATION and its continued presence in a child's life. These franchises cannot be underestimated as just glorified tuition centers. They are true valid business models with high potential.

GMA India already boasts of a franchisee roster with a highly educated staff of owners. Our franchisees consist of men and women who vary in ages, educational and cultural backgrounds and who may or may not be parents. The thread that connects them is that they are comfortable in marketing and being in a leadership role.

Many of GMA franchisees are predominantly people who have left the corporate world after having worked under stressful conditions. They like to work in a healthy business that matches up with the time in their life with children and community involvement. Though some educators are among GMA franchisees, a certified elementary teaching degree is not required. It is more important for someone to be a managerial, community-involved, people person.

Art, Singing or Dance aren't the only activities parents are looking to get their children involved in, it seems, but franchises in Educational programs are definitely reaping the benefits of parents who want more well-rounded kids. The trend has grown with programs being offered in Science, gymnastics, art, drama etc. Perhaps it's a sign of the times, when getting back to basics is a welcome respite from our fast-paced digital world. Kids need an outlet other than video games and computers.

In addition to wanting to sign up their kids for these classes, people are looking to also sign themselves up as franchisees. Esp. parents buying these franchises are a big trend. They're so excited to play a role in the community, have the quality of life they want, have a great business and do things they couldn't do in a structured work environment. The franchise is about more than just a business -"it's about having a phenomenal, educational experience for a child."

GMA India offers a complete business format franchise in the field of skill, whole brain development and educational services. The unique franchise concept provides individuals with complete know how to build and operate a successful GMA Learning Center.

It is an awesome privilege to be part of a child's life and make a difference that will last. Such an experience surely touches your heart and gives a sense of achievement. You too can have this rewarding experience and be closely associated with GMA, by becoming a franchisee. This is an excellent business, which can be offered in your own locations.

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