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Our Shareholders - Dr. David Ting
Managing Director,
Genius Mind Consultancy Sdn.Bhd.

Dr David Ting is one of the founders of Genius Mind Consultancy in Malaysia. He holds a Doctorate degree in Business Administration from the United Business Institutes, Belgium.
He is a certified brain trainer by the Korea Brain Research Institute of Neuroscience, GCP researcher and investigator by CRC Malayasia, NLP practioner. He is the creator and Master Trainer for SSD, SSR, MMA, MMK, SBT, SSM programs.

After more than 30 years as an educationist, he is passionate about helping children and parents to solve their problems. Through much studies and research, he comes up with different techinques and programs to enhance learning capabilities and character development. Dr. David travels extensively to different countries to give lectures about what he is doing. Currently he is writing a book about what he is doing.

MESSAGE FROM :- Mr.Anubhavv Arora,
Managing Director, GMA FIRST INDIA PVT LTD, India

It gives me immense joy to bring Genius Mind Academy to children in India. The first time I was introduced to the wonders of GMA, I thought to myself: if children in Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, china , Equador, Indonesia and many other countries could benefit so much, why not our Indian children ?

There is a GENIUS in every child waiting to be awakened!

The key to activating and unleashing the genius in your child is in our hands.

GMA India Endeavour to make your children academically Competent, Emotionally Confident and Socially Responsible citizens of tomorrow. And to achieve this, we have to begin now!

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